2019-CML- Receive advice from KIT
Visited the agency and consulted on a drug toxicity assessment simulation program
KIT(Korea Institute of Toxieology)
2019-Kumoh mountain-cherryblossom festiv
☆ Cherry blossom festival in Kumoh Mt. ☆
2019-1-CML-welcome party for ali
☆Welcome party for Ali☆
we got a new lab-mate, Ali
- LaLacost in Kumoh Mountain.
- 2019-03-22
2019-BK21 workshop
2019 EDISON SW contest-1
2018 CML year-end party
We had 2018 year-end party in Dr. Kim's house!
This is our one of lovely memories ♡
2017 CML members hiking Gumosan temple
2017 CML members hiking Gumosan bell
2017 CML members hiking Gumosan peak
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